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"An absolute perfect combination of moistness and sweetness, that melts in your mouth. Perfect for any occasion! I would highly recommend to those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth as well as taste a delicious cake!!" - Elisa (Reno, NV)

"Uncommon cakes and desserts are amazing. The flavor combinations are very creative and exceptionally delicious!" - Siobhan (Sparks, NV)

"I was first introduced to uncommon cakes on my birthday. My work family surprised me with a cake and I took ONE bite and I was INSTANTLY hooked! I even tried to take the whole cake home without sharing. It became my party go-to for a sweet treat. I then ordered uncommon cakes for my son's graduation party and they were a hit! There are so many flavors to choose from and they are ALL so amazing it is hard to decide what to pick. Do not sleep on these cakes! From its amazing baker to all the flavors and everything in between...you will NOT be sorry!" - Marisa (Pittsburg, CA)


Upcoming Holidays

11/25 - Thanksgiving

12/25 - Christmas

12/31 - NYE




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